Happy birthday to me

I was baptised in the name of Jesus Christ on the 26th of May, 1999. That would make today my seventh spiritual birthday.

For those who are new here (which would be most people – this site has only been up for a couple of weeks), I stopped believing in God sometime last year. Needless to say, today doesn’t hold the kind of significance it used to. But it’s as good an opportunity as any to reflect on the things that I’ve learnt in the last seven years. So here we go.

  • There is a Bible verse that can be used to make any point you could ever want to make, and another verse (often from the same book) to make the opposite point.
  • From Monday to Saturday, people say that the Sunday service should be a time of worship, to have fellowship with God, and to get their joy and inspiration from Him, not from the words of mere men. On Sunday, the buck stops with the preacher and songleaders.
  • Hearing or reading a convincing argument against what you believe is very stressful. Christians tend to avoid this by reading only Christian books.
  • If someone has an idea of what they’re supposed to want in order to appear spiritual, they’ll pray for it. If someone actually wants something to happen, they’ll do it themselves and pray for God to bless it.
  • Any outcome can be interpreted as an answered prayer.
  • The human mind is capable of believing almost anything.

This is just a random selection of thoughts; it’s not intended to be a well-reasoned argument. I might try to expand of some of this more coherently at some time in the future. But for now, you’ll just have to deal with wild unsubstantiated statements; after all, it’s my birthday.

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