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My cousin is occasionally involved in local musicals. Last night we went to see her in the chorus of Ashfield Musical Society’s production of Les Miserables. I’ve seen Les Mis before at least once, and I know a fair bit of the music, but for some reason I could remember very little of the actual story (maybe I was too young to pay attention before). Anyway, it was amazing. So much so that I’ve added the novel (or a translation, anyway – my French vocabulary consists of the numbers one to fifteen plus the phrase “it is not the train station”) to my list of books that I resolutely intend to read one day and probably never will.

Random trivia: Les Miserables was the topic of what is generally considered to be the shortest correspondence on record. Apparently Victor Hugo was on holiday when it was published. He wanted to know how sales were going, so he sent a letter to his publisher: “?” His publisher replied, “!”

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