God’s Debris

I have a vague recollection of hearing about God’s Debris some time ago, but I only found out a couple of days ago that Scott Adams makes it available as a free download. I recommend reading it in one sitting – it only takes a few hours. Big print, you see.

Scott Adams is one of those people who is willing to say absurd things on the basis that the attempt to drag it back to reality will either show you something about that reality, or lead somewhere completely unexpected. That sounds like a total pre-packaged blurb but I mean every word of it. People who are willing to entertain ridiculous ideas are, I think, far more likely to discover bits of truth along the way, often in places completely unrelated to the original idea. (Is it consistent for me to say that, and still be an atheist? You be the judge.)

God’s Debris is a self-described “thought experiment wrapped in a fictional story”. It’s a fairly liberal collection of the following: things that I agree with completely; things that are demonstrably untrue (only a couple of them); things that are untrue but require some intriguing mental work to unravel to see exactly why they’re untrue (many more of these); and things that he obviously pulled out of his arse, but would be very cool if they were true. There might be another category, something along the lines of “things that are true from a certain perspective, where the perspective may or may not have any bearing on reality”. Adams challenges the reader in the introduction to, essentially, distinguish between these categories. I’m not sure yet whether trying to do so would miss the point. Ack, my brain hurts.

Does anyone know whether Scott Adams is any relation to Douglas Adams? They seem to have a lot of thought patterns in common. (That being, as we all know, the clearest indicator of physical relatedness. Not.)


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