McLeish Estate

My uncle’s winery has been raking in a few awards lately, particularly for their 2005 Semillon. Quick bit of publicity – if you happen to find yourself in Pokolbin in the Hunter Valley for whatever reason, drop into McLeish Estate on DeBeyers Road. Tell ‘em I sent you.

McLeish Estate Jessica's Botrytis Semillon awards

Here endeth the plug.

Tina and I drove up yesterday to see them (and their wine, of course) on a bit of a whim. Virtually no planning went into it. The first thing I find out after saying hello to my aunt is that the family Christmas party was happening back in Sydney. They weren’t there because the cellar door was too busy. I wasn’t there because Dad hadn’t bothered to tell me about it.

Yeah, November is a bit early for a Christmas party. My family’s like that.

Now, admittedly I haven’t called Dad for a while, but in my defence he’s pretty deaf and his hearing aid doesn’t play well with the phone, so calling him “just to say hi” tends to be a bit futile. We had dinner with him sometime around Fathers’ Day, and if I remember correctly, we were planning to do it again when he came down to Sydney again in December. In hindsight, this seems like it would have been an opportune moment to mention that there’d be a Christmas party in between. Dad’s my main source of information for his side of the family, so if I was going to hear about it from anyone, it would be him.

Although, come to think of it, my brother didn’t tell me either. Hmm.

I’m not particularly annoyed, but it’s amusing. You sort of expect your parents to be on top of things. I’ll call him in a couple of days and laugh at him.

Oh, one more thing, before leaving the topic of wine. Iron Gate Sweet Shiraz. I’m not going to say anything else.


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