Promise to blog, part n

Yes, I was going to blog more regularly. No, I haven’t been. I’ve been averaging less than 5 hits a day, and none of them are return visitors, so really, who’s going to notice? (Yes, there’s some confusion of cause and effect here. No, I am not apologetic.)

A few random developments, in quick succession.

Infinity on 30 Credits a Day is starting to get a bit of momentum. One of the character reference art submissions for Jake Starr is mine – vote for it! (I’m avoiding any accusations of canvassing votes by not telling you which one is mine.)

I’ve gone ahead and gotten actual hosting for Sooner or later I’ll probably move this site to (at the moment it redirects here). There might be other things in store as well. If I’m not too lazy, that is.

On the topic of bandwagons, I’ve set up a Flickr account and put up a short selection of my favourite photos to date. I just recently shelled out for an EOS 30D, and am in the process of accessorising it, so expect the photo collection to grow.

That’s about it.

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