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A geeky interlude

Just wrote this in Lisp:

(defmacro dotimes-nested ((&rest vars) &body body)
  (if (null vars)
      `(progn ,@body)
      `(dotimes (,(caar vars) ,(cadar vars))
        (dotimes-nested ,(cdr vars)

I think I’m in love.

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Humanist Symposium

The Humanist SymposiumThe inaugural Humanist Symposium is up at Daylight Atheism. Check it out now. (The funk soul brother.)

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Degree Confluence mashup

I’ve hacked together a Degree Confluence Project Google Maps mashup here. Warning: if you’re anything like me, this can turn into a serious time sink.



Meh. Updates are coming.

This is slightly old news now, but my colouring effort made it into page 2 of Infinity on 30 Credits a Day.

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