Corner of Gardeners Rd and Tunstall Ave

Speaking of praying for parking spaces…

Earlier today I remembered a piece of trivia from my Former Life as a Christian. I should mention, what follows is distinctly in the “random blog post about some crap nobody else will be interested in” category. You have been warned.

When I was at university, one of the well-honed routes I used to drive to get there (before the M5 was finished) included a particular set of traffic lights, going east on Gardeners Rd and turning left into Tunstall Ave:

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What made these particular lights interesting was that they had an uncanny habit of being green when I got to them. Sometimes they’d turn green just as I pulled up. Now, you might put this down to being synchronised with an earlier set of lights, or being turnoff from a fairly major road to a dinky side street that probably wouldn’t stay red for long, and the logical part of my mind knew this. But somehow the superstitious part of my mind convinced me that it was Meaningful, and that it would be a Bad Sign if I ever had to stop there.

Don’t try to find the logic in that, there isn’t any.

The strangest thing about it is that it wasn’t even in line with my Christan beliefs. We put superstition under the “witchcraft” clause of Galatians 5:20. (Where’s the line between superstition and acting in accordance with the will of an invisible entity? I dunno. That’s a different discussion.) But there’s a drive in the human mind to find meaning in pattern, and it is strong with this one.

I do remember that the lights were red one day. I vaguely recall something bad happening later that day, but I can’t remember what it was, and I only realised later, and I’m pretty sure I could have found something negative on any given day if I’d tried hard enough. And it’s possible that I’ve misremembered it entirely. Hmm.

If I’d met myself at uni, I probably wouldn’t have liked myself very much.

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