More ugly CAPTCHA hacks

I’ve just implemented the vision-impaired CAPTCHA workaround that I discussed before, wherein (what a great word) the image’s alternate text contains a second word, which, if you enter it, puts your comment in the moderation queue. It’d be nice if you got a message to that effect, but I couldn’t immediately see how to do that, so for now your comment will seem to disappear into the √¶ther.

So I’m expecting one of three things to happen.

  1. The thousands of vision-impaired readers I’ve picked up over the last two weeks since I introduced CAPTCHAs will break their silence and start leaving insightful (no pun intended) comments in droves.
  2. Every spambot in existence will try submitting the alt text, and my inbox will be pummeled into oblivion with moderation emails offering various anatomical enlargements.
  3. Deathly silence.

My money’s on 3. Stay tuned.

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