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It does go away when you close your eyes

Forgive me blogosphere, for I have sinned. It has been over two months since my last post.

And to be honest, that last post was an attempt to win an argument that had absolutely nothing to do with religion. I can’t explain why. It has to do with crashing internet polls. It’s complicated and it didn’t work anyway. I stand by what I wrote, but the fact that I put it up at all was a matter of having the draft hanging around and needing a relatively controversial post in a hurry. No, I’m not going to elaborate on the details.

Part of the reason for the drought – as I’ve mentioned once or twice before – is that my pet topic, religion and the lack thereof, is just not prominent enough in my life at the moment to warrant a lot of thought. The fact that religion actually isn’t important unless you want it to be (at least with my circle of acquaintances) is something I’ve had to learn. As a Christian, I felt guilty if the topic of God didn’t permeate everything I did. As it turns out, this is at least one lingering bit of fundamentalism that I hadn’t quite managed to get rid of – I sort of kept feeling like I had to find someone to discuss it with. Recently I haven’t bothered, and it hasn’t bothered me, and I’ve gotten on with finding something more productive to do.

This might all change in mid-July when World Youth Day crashes on my doorstep, and Sydney (where the default strategy for dealing with a sudden rush of international visitors, cf. the Olympics and APEC, is to tell everyone to take the week off and go somewhere quieter) will play host to a bunch of people gathering to see a German guy in a funny hat. The jury is out on whether this will help or hurt the local economy (see, for example, this article by Chook the Elder, who I feel compelled to point out has something of a vested interest), but there’s little doubt that transport of all kinds will congeal in a particularly ugly way.

(As a sidepoint, why is it that the word “youth”, when used as a collective term for young people (as opposed to the early years of a particular person’s life, as in “in my youth”), is rarely used outside a religious context? “Youth group”, for example, is an unmistakably Christian term. It’s something like the word “family” in the name of an organisation, particularly a political party. And for that matter, why does “World Youth Day” run for nearly a week?)

Where was I? Oh yes. Anticipation of World Family Week aside, I don’t have much to blog about on the contra-religion front. So, the options are to (a) write about other things, like what actually is happening in my life; (b) write nothing, and actually have a life instead; or (c) pick random theological fights for the sheer intellectual sake of it.

I think I’ll go for “all of the above” in measured portions. Let’s just see what happens.