Well, Rafiq

Right, so, I won the draft.

There were nine of us, playing one-game matches. I first-picked a Stoic Angel and went on to draft an agressive Bant deck with Exalted creatures coming out its ears. For once I thought the signals were actually in my favour – I’ve had a nasty habit in the last few drafts of being randomly seated next to Mr Shellshear and drafting the same colours, but he was a seat further away this time and my colours didn’t seem to be disappearing for once.

Then, in the third pack, I got a Rafiq of the Many.

As a ninth pick.

For all (two of) my non-currently-Magic-playing readers, Rafiq is undoubtedly one of the best cards in this set in Limited; and being a ninth pick means that everyone else at the table passed it. Meaning that, beyond a doubt, nobody else was even close to being in those colours. Which was great news for me.

As it turned out, about four people at the table were drafting Naya, which was spread waaaay too thin. I won 7 games and lost 1 against Irgy, who did some shenanigans with Knight-Captain of Eos to turn the attacks off long enough to beat me up with a big trampling thing. Even that was pretty close.

So, I’ll just bask in this for a while until next draft, where I’ll probably go back to the customary position of second- or third-last.

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