Open Door With Care

On the topic of winning things…

There’s an “OPEN DOOR WITH CARE” sign on the door to the stairwell at work. Being geeks with a bizarre sense of humour, we saw this as a target for parody (rather than, say, a helpful safety suggestion – pfeh).

At some point, someone put a sign next to it saying… I think the first one was “OPEN DOOR WITH STARE”, with a line indicating staring (it’s easier to show than explain -  I’ll try to find the original). That was followed by, I think, “OPEN DOOR WITH HARE”. Within a couple of weeks, the door and much of the surrounding wall were covered with signs.

Anyway, Saturday night was our work Christmas party. The MCs (Shaun and George, you are much classier than the guy with the shadow puppets) gave out an Award for the Best Open Door With Care sign. And the winner was:


…by me, of course.

The prize was entitled “OPEN BOOK WITH CARE”.

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