Disk transplant

I have – sorry, had – an Ubuntu box at home that I use as a server – files, printing, remote access, that sort of thing. It died a few days ago – I turned it off because we were going to be away for a couple of days last weekend (wedding stuff – topic for another post), and later discovered that it wouldn’t turn back on.

The hard drive hadn’t shown any signs of stress, and the machine isn’t even booting to the looking-for-storage stage, so I’m pretty sure the data is fine. I had a spare box sitting around, so I’ve just now transplanted the drive into it and am going to try booting it. I’m going to blog the whole process as a way of keeping track of stuff, and also in case anyone else is interested (unlikely, I know, but it’s a blog).

Got to the boot screen. So far so good.

Reiser filesystem is clean.

Okay, there was a brief glitch when it first started X – the screen was split into four and the colours were all out of whack. But it fixed itself almost immediately. The login screen is shifted to the left slightly but the monitor can probably fix that.

Hmm… no network.

Oh wait… I plugged in the wrong network cable. Shit. Hang on.

Okay now the network’s up. And the monitor auto-adjust fixed the shifted screen.

Well… that was pretty anti-climactic. Only thing I have to do now is change the MAC address on the router for DHCP…

Why is the router still giving it a weird IP address?

Meh. I’ll sort it out later.

Okay, show’s over everyone.


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  1. Nurul July 26th, 2015 11:32 pm

    I know on some Dell machines, if you press Ctrl-alt-Del, when the cotepmur reboots it gives that keyboard error. Powering off with the power button, then turning it back on has always fixed it for me.Make sure the keyboard cable is properly secured (unplugging and replugging it is always a good thing when the cotepmur is off) and try turning it off/on. If this doesn’t fix the problem, if possible try a different keyboard. If another keyboard has the same problem then your problem would be the keyboard connection on the motherboard. If another keyboard works OK, then the problem is the keyboard. +1Was this answer helpful?

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