Cate Blanchett injured on stage

Well it’s not every night you get to see Owen Lars hit Galadriel in the head with a radio.

We saw a preview performance of A Streetcar Named Desire tonight… well, some of it anyway. As near as we can tell, Stanley (Joel Edgerton) was supposed to throw a radio through a window, but fumbled it and hit Blanche (Cate Blanchett) in the head before picking it up and taking another swing. (Edit: At the window.) The show went on for a couple of minutes – it was the start of a brawl, so she was supposed to run off stage anyway (or if she wasn’t, they covered it really well) – before they called a break, and later announced that they wouldn’t be able to continue. There were already cameras outside the theatre by the time we left.

This will be a more memorable night than it would have been otherwise. Arguably I even found it more engaging. Not sure what that says about me. Hmm.

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