Caffeine addiction


I’ve been an on-and-off coffee drinker for a while – I go through cycles of drinking it and then avoiding it with a frequency of a couple of years. Normally it’s not a strong dependency, and it’s mainly a matter of circumstance when I start or stop drinking it.

Lately my coffee intake has been slowly ramping up, to the point where yesterday, when I didn’t have one, I had a faint headache and felt vaguely lethargic for most of the day. So this isn’t good.

The options now are:

  • Cold-turkey detox.
  • Gradually decrease my intake over a few weeks.
  • Go with the flow and keep drinking.
  • Intravenous caffeine drip.

Currently I’m on coffee #2 for the day, so it’s possible that the third option will win by default.

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