Sooooo. I’ve been a Bazaar fanboy for a few years now. At the time I had a pretty exhaustive look at most of the open source options, so I feel like it was an informed decision. Actually I used Darcs for a while, but eventually came to the conclusion that it was more academic than practical.

This was within maybe a year of the BitKeeper/Linux/Git thing, which I think of as the point in time when the open source community decided to get their shit together with distributed VC; so most of the projects were at about the same level of maturity, i.e. not very, but they were suddenly getting a lot of dev attention. (GNU arch had been around for a while, but everyone hated it, and more specifically everyone hated Tom Lord.) At the time, Bazaar-NG (as it was then) was a bit of a dark horse but it had the backing of Canonical (this was when Ubuntu was starting to look like king of the hill as well) and it seemed to have a better focus on usability than some of the others.

In the time since then a lot has happened, and for some reason that I momentarily forget, I decided that today was a good time to take another look at the state of the art. And I must say that Mercurial looks like it might be the new favourite. For goodness’ sake, OpenOffice just announced that they’re switching to it. (Yes, MySQL uses Bazaar. Yes yes, half the world uses Git. This is getting us nowhere.)

So I’m going to make a tentative switch to Mercurial for… you know… stuff I might be working on. Very special projects and… things. Whatever.

Stay tuned.

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