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I’m in the middle of upgrading Ubuntu on my laptop.

Well, no, that’s not entirely true. I’ve finished upgrading, and now I’m waiting for my home directory to rsync from the server that I backed it up to. It’s moving steadily at about 100MB a minute, which seems sort of slow, but not surprisingly so given how crufty everything in between is, and I’m definitely not going to investigate it before it’s done.

I did actually go to the effort of putting /home on a different partition when I installed it originally, so that I could upgrade it and keep my home directory in place, but I also formatted it as Reiser, which I think has possibly been at the root of some performance and drive-clicking problems, so I’ve reformatted both partitions as ext4, which is presumably somewhat better supported in Ubuntu, being the default filesystem, except that there’s this vague rumour that it occasionally corrupts very large files, except that nobody can reproduce it and they’re starting to think that the reports are bogus, but of course the nature of software is that it’ll never fail when you’re actually looking at it, so now it’s niggling in the back of everyone’s mind that one day all your stuff might be corrupted.

Wasn’t there a time when these things were simple?

No, now that I think about it. It’s always been this complicated. But it’s sure as fuck not getting any simpler.

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