I’m a T-shirt designer!

…and I didn’t even know it! I might be the world’s first accidental T-shirt designer.

About a year ago (maybe longer?) I made a Rubik’s cube T-shirt on CafePress (the cube is in the superflip position, if you’re curious). We were going to do a bulk order from the mezzacotta shop, I wanted something extra and geeky to go with it, and I was in the middle of my cubing obsession.

Interest in the bulk order fizzled out, so I never ended up getting the shirt, and after a while I forgot about it.

Yesterday I got an account update email from CafePress telling me that I had $46.50 credit. What the hell? Where did that come from? CafePress’s purchase reporting system is… idiosyncratic, so I’m hazy on the details, but it appears that several people have bought my shirt. Based on the amount of credit, I’ve probably sold about twenty of them.


I’ll probably use the proceeds to finally buy my own shirt.


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