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RIP Nested Worlds

Part of the reason I’ve been so quiet over the last few months is that I’ve been working on a comic called Nested Worlds.

You might notice that you can’t get into that site. That’s because I stopped.

I didn’t try for any publicity because I wasn’t sure to begin with whether I had the willpower to keep to an update schedule. Ironically, the fact that I didn’t have any… what’s the word… readers contributed to the fact that I lost interest in it. So maybe if I’d publicised it from the start I would have enjoyed it more and kept going. Now we’ll never know.

Or maybe we will, eventually.

I’m locking the site instead of keeping the six or so strips public ’cause I might want to take another swing at it one day, or start from scratch, or come up with a different concept or something. Also, I’m not sure that the existing strips were very good. I had big, big plans for the plot, but hadn’t really gotten into the swing of it yet.

Anyway, now we’ve got a time limit on my ability to stick with a project. It’s about six weeks.

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Something else that happened during my blogging hiatus – mezzacotta. Really, really remiss – bordering on negligent – of me not to have mentioned this sooner.

I can’t really explain it any better here than it already is on the site. Go there.


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Jar Jar, you’re a genius!

Darths and Droids recently became the first site on teh Intarwebs to use that phrase.

And it’s showing early signs of catching on as a meme. Which makes me very, very pleased indeed.

My favourite so far:

aafad 48/365 jar jar, you're a genius

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Science jokes

Just found this from a link from SMBC: the Science Jokes Wiki.

Teaching science can be a very dry matter – but it shouldn’t be. It is well-known that understanding something is easier when you can connect it with something memorable – such as a joke.

For this reason, this wiki attempts to gather links to jokes and cartoons where an understanding of science is required to get the punchline. These jokes are listed by scientific field and topic. Furthermore, the punchline is explained to aid teachers and those who wish to study these subjects by themselves.

I’m going to start prodding David Morgan-Mar until he agrees to be their patron saint.


Hmmm. Convenient.

Whooo! Today’s Darths & Droids is the first strip I did the graphics for.

Well, not the graphics. Some guy called George is responsible for them. But I did the dialogue and borders and such.


Darths a Droids

Darths & Droids, the spiritual successor to DM of the Rings, is well underway and updating three times a week.

I won’t recount the story of how it got started, ’cause it’s all there in the FAQ. Suffice to say that I’m excited.


On free will

On free will


In honour of 30 years


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An interruption to our usual programming

Well, I figured that if I’m not gonna have the willpower to blog, I might as well start something else to give up on as well. (Such pessimism.)

Here it is. Comic Number One.


Some explanatory links:

Not that anything I do could ever compete with Bomby.