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Something else that happened during my blogging hiatus – mezzacotta. Really, really remiss – bordering on negligent – of me not to have mentioned this sooner.

I can’t really explain it any better here than it already is on the site. Go there.


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Shamus Young goes off the deep end

Well, it’s finally happened. Shamus Young (of DM of the Rings and Wavatars notoriety) has started making the most absurd ranting claims and threats I’ve ever seen:

I am proud to announce that I have proven via a scientific study that reading Twenty-Sided encourages safe, effective weight loss after only a few visits. This is due to secret, proprietary methods of designing site layout that stimulates neuron… activators in the upper… lumbar that… enhances your Circadian Rhythm and optimizes your metabolism via your browser cache. It’s embedded in the CSS. It’s all very scientific and complicated but trust me, this site will allow you to safely lose 10-20 unwanted pounds after just a few readings, as well as helping you to regrow lost hair. And make you more attractive to the opposite sex. Or the same sex, if you prefer. Pretty much whatever you’re into, really.

As if that isn’t bad enough, he goes on:

Furthermore, I demand that all websites stop linking to this post, as you are infringing on my right to not be made fun of when making an ass of myself. It is forbidden to link to this post and if you do so I will be forced to take legal action within 48 hours of my lawyer sobering up after I bail him out of the drunk tank. Again.

Well I’m not afraid of you, Shamus. Your father smells of elderberries. Do your worst.


Darths a Droids

Darths & Droids, the spiritual successor to DM of the Rings, is well underway and updating three times a week.

I won’t recount the story of how it got started, ’cause it’s all there in the FAQ. Suffice to say that I’m excited.


Post-religious morals in Irregular Webcomic

David Morgan-Mar has, in the midst of his generally light-hearted if geeky webcomic, written the most concise and compelling discussion of atheist morals that I’ve seen anywhere. My blog posts have been a bit thin on the ground lately, but I had to mention this – not just because I know David personally, but because… well, because you have to read it.


Humanist Symposium

The Humanist SymposiumThe inaugural Humanist Symposium is up at Daylight Atheism. Check it out now. (The funk soul brother.)

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Meh. Updates are coming.

This is slightly old news now, but my colouring effort made it into page 2 of Infinity on 30 Credits a Day.

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The God Simulator

Try your hand at running the universe: check out The God Simulator.

PZ said it best:

Hint: if you always pick the least logical, most insane action, you’ll get a pretty good simulacrum of Christianity.

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Up the Nile without a cluebat

Dom Knight has an amusing rant about Fred Nile.

I’m ashamed to admit this, but I think… I voted for him once. Probably in 2004 when he ran for the Senate. It’s a bit hazy – the Senate vote doesn’t really seem to draw as much attention, and I think I just looked at the tablecloth-like ballot, saw the word “Christian” (as in Christian Democratic Party), and went for it. Even then, I should have known better.

That will not happen again.

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Missing option

According to this quiz

You scored as Modern Liberal. You are a Modern Liberal. Science and historical study have shown so much of the Bible to be unreliable and that conservative faith has made Jesus out to be a much bigger deal than he actually was. Discipleship involves continuing to preach and practice Jesus’ measure of love and acceptance, and dogma is not important in today’s world. You are influenced by thinkers like Bultmann and Bishop Spong.

Modern Liberal




Classical Liberal


Roman Catholic


Neo orthodox


Reformed Evangelical




Evangelical Holiness/Wesleyan




What#s your theological worldview?
created with

Within the options it offers, I suppose it’s pretty accurate. Of course, I would have preferred to see “not Christian” as a possible outcome… but what you gonna do?

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An Irregular Christmas

It’s time for Irregular Webcomic!’s Christmas Strip.

For the record, the Richard Storrs Willis music for It Came Upon the Midnight Clear sounds like this (from the archives of my former life).


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