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Movember: Day 20

Day 20

I’ve started giving some consideration to what to do with my face after Movember. The easy answer is to grow back the full beard… but I’ve had that for years, and it feels like this was a good excuse to do something different.

At the moment I’m thinking maybe a goatee. That means it can roughly keep its current shape, but without quite so much bleeding from the chin.

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Movember: Day 19

Day 19

Ugh. The temperature has reached the mid-thirties for most of this week, and looks like it’ll easily do it again today.

At least the air conditioning in the office is working. That’s unusual at the best of times, but this would be a really bad day for it to give up.

Also, my current relative lack of facial hair turns out to be a good thing in hot weather. Who’da thunk it? Maybe the timing of Movember isn’t a complete coincidence, at least in the southern hemisphere.

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Movember: Day 18

Day 18

Okay, yesterday – this is important everyone – yesterday at work I actually did, in real life, the Frodo-flipping-the-ring-in-the-air-and-catching-it-on-one-finger thing.

With witnesses.

And then, after a few tries, I did it again. Which actually (according to DMM at least) makes it less of an achievement – if I’d done it once it would be a billion-to-one fluke; doing it twice shows that it’s easy.

Also, I spun it flat (around the y axis) instead of end-over-end (around the x axis). That may have had something to do with why it was… you know, possible at all.


Movember: Day 17

Day 17

I’ve reached the conclusion that nobody can tell if your facial hair is asymmetrical. There are very few times during the course of normal social interaction that you stare at someone dead-on and don’t move your head for long enough for them to compare the sides of your face, and they stare back at you long enough to notice.

Maybe if you were gazing lovingly at someone over a romantic dinner, maybe, they might get a chance to weigh up your facial hair.

That’s probably the main reason that fancy restaurants have dim lighting.


Movember: Day 16

Day 16

Still trying to get this thing symmetrical. Still failing.

The good news is that my laptop is upgraded and restored to the point where I can at least post this. The ironic news is that the gDesklets CPU monitor is showing a consistent 20% usage by the gDesklets CPU monitor (and, to be fair, a few other desklets). So… am I back to the old days of a bare desktop and no way to know much load my machine is under except by the heat coming from the grille on the side? Or will I find a more efficient CPU monitor? Stay tuned!

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Movember: Day 15

Day 15

Today’s random facial-hair-related piece of coolness: The Longest Way is a guy who planned to walk from China to Germany. That in itself isn’t all that relevant (although it is awesome), but he has a time-lapse video of his beard.

Also, he stopped about a third of the way through the planned trip (but still having walked across most of mainland China) and caught a plane home, because he decided that what he really wanted to do was go to university. That… is also interesting.

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Movember: Day 14

Day 14

If I’m not mistaken, today, being the half-way point, is judgment day – the day you can rate my mo.

This whole thing… is such a weird concept.

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Movember: Day 13

Day 13

I only just found out recently that there’s a Crust in Parramatta. We ordered pizzas from them last night. They were Good. I think Tina is converted.

(This is in no way Movember-related.)

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Movember: Day 12

Day 12

Yes, there’s a good reason that I’m wearing a high-contrast stripy… is it “stripy” or “stripey”? “stripy” looks like a case-insensitive string processing library for Python or something.



Movember: Day 11

Day 11

Wow. My head looks even more bobbly and off-centre than usual today.

In an ideal world, what sort of setup would you have to take one picture per day in as close to exactly the same position as possible? Based on recent experience, you’d at least need

  • a fixed camera,
  • a chin rest, also fixed, and
  • consistent lighting (away from windows, or only taking pictures at night).

That sounds like a lot of hard work and, more importantly, space. I wonder what you could do with it to justify all the effort…


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