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Maroons claim State of Origin 2

Queensland 30-6. Tahu saves NSW from complete embarrassment in the last few minutes. Oh well. At least it’ll keep the suspense alive for game 3.

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Australia 3, Japan 1

Last 8 minutes save referee Essam Abd El Fatah from being served in meat pies across Australia.

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Aussie Aussie Aussie

Just got home for the last ten minutes of the Austrlia v Greece friendly leading up to the World Cup. Australia 1-0. I, for one, am surprised. But in a good way.

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Go the Blues

NSW wins State of Origin 1 17-16. Just had to mention it.

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Move This @#$% Car

From Column 8 today:

“I live in Chippendale, which is a great neighbourhood by the way,” enthuses Lizzie Gillanders. “Someone abandoned a clapped out old car in Shepherd Lane and it just sat there for a couple of months almost blocking the street, despite myself and a couple of neighbours ringing the council to ask for its removal. In the shop on Abercrombie Street the other day a few locals were discussing what to do about it. One fellow said that if you spray paint an obscene word in a pothole in the road it will get filled in immediately. Yesterday morning when I left for work I noticed the car, freshly festooned with fluorescent four-letter words. As I walked past it again on the way home a tow truck arrived, and in five minutes it was gone.”


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