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A new year…

…a new blog.

I wasn’t neglecting this blog enough, so I decided I needed to make another one.

No, seriously, this all makes perfect sense in my head. Really.


Happy Apocalypse Everyone!

Tina woke me up this morning…

“Hey, I know it’s early, but see that red glow through the blinds?”


“I thought you might want to take some photos.”

Apparently some heavy winds overnight blew the entire colour red from South Australia over to Sydney.

Wherein I wake up on Mars

Edit: ZDNet used my photo! I’m very slightly famous!



Well, probably not. But the photo that won our work photo competition was… um… not what I would have voted for. And I did vote. And not for it. Or for myself.

Anyway, here’s my entry.

Golden Delicious

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I’ve been Schmapped

In breaking news, one of my photos has been included in the Schmap Sydney Guide, in the entry for the Good Living Growers’ Market.

The deal with Schmap is that they get Creative Commons licensed photos of guide-worthy places from Flickr, shortlist a few for each place, and give the owners a chance to opt in; then they pick one and use it (at thumbnail-ish size, but they use it nonetheless). They get a guide full of free photos; I get my name and a link in the guide, and bragging rights. Fun for all.

Ironically, the Growers’ Market is on today and I didn’t go.

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To the test – part 2

The ring pulls that I’ve been keeping around to let God reveal himself are on a pendant now. So no one (divine or otherwise) can mess with them without me knowing about it.


Actually, I’ve had them like this for a while, but I’ve been waiting for the macro lens so I can do this.

Ring pulls uber-macro


New toy

Just picked up my new macro lens – that I ordered in November. (Grumble.) Anyway, I’m excited now. Expect to see lots of photos of really small things.

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