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Azzurri take out the World Cup

Italy beat France in a penalty shootout to win the World Cup. I was undecided who to go for in this; was sort of leaning towards Italy, but that was dampened a bit by them having knocked Australia out.

This isn’t exactly an original thought, but I have difficulty really getting into a game that seems to be dominated by borderline referee decisions and general randomness, especially when many matches end up being decided by what is essentially an elaborate guessing game. I reckon the keepers should just come out to the middle of the field and play rock-paper-scissors, best of five.

Now only one question remains: what the shazbot was Zidane thinking?

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Possession all Australia’s way since Materazzi was sent off, but one questionable penalty awarded and the Socceroos are on their way home after refereeing controversy in every match.

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Australia vs Italy half-time

No score in a fairly passive game so far. Hard to say which team looks better – Italy looks more dangerous in their attempts on goal but Australia’s keeping possession better. A nil-all draw looks on the cards at the moment, and I like our chances in a penalty shootout.

At least the ref is awake this time.

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