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The metapuzzle that I mentioned earlier is now available in its component pieces.

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Well, probably not. But the photo that won our work photo competition was… um… not what I would have voted for. And I did vote. And not for it. Or for myself.

Anyway, here’s my entry.

Golden Delicious

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CiSRA Puzzle Competition

We’re entering the last leg of our company’s puzzle competition. The overall winner has been decided (congrats Tweleve Pack!), but there’s still a race for the prizewinners.

Nailbiting stuff. For us, anyway.

I made four of the puzzles this year – Système International (which is turning out to be harder than we thought), White Elephant (which is easier but still turning out to be harder than we thought), Already Taken (which we already knew was obscenely hard) – and the metapuzzle, which I can’t link to. Yet. It’s fun though.

Also, I got back into POVRay mode for All Sorts and the medals, which I’m quite proud of.

Later today: the results of our work photo competition!

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