Movember: Dénouement

Day 30

Well, that’s it.

I had a dream last night that one of my ears was cut off. One wonders whether it was a bit of a Chopper Read moment – although it was only one ear, so it could equally be a Picasso or a Reservoir Dogs reference; my subconscious tends to go for the ambiguous and multi-layered.

Anyway. Everyone reading this, go and make a donation, or I’ll… paint you with both eyes on the same side of your face.

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November: Day 29


Well, it’s the end of November, which means I’ll do one more update tomorrow morning and then decide what to do with it. My parents’ reaction was actually more positive than I expected, which makes me fairly certain that I’ll at least not grow the full beard back. For now.

Also, donate!


Movember: Day 28

Day 28

Today should be interesting. We’re seeing my parents for the first time since I started Movember (yeah, shame on me). I’m… sort of looking forward to seeing their reaction, and sort of not.

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Movember: Day 27

Day 27

Late update. I knew I was forgetting something this morning.

In theory I should have slightly more stubble than usual, because it’s been a few hours since I shaved… although if anyone can spot the difference I’ll be very impressed.

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Movember: Day 26

Day 26

Gonna be hot today. I’m wearing shorts to work for the first time this season. Ironically today is Formal Friday (one of the quirks of our workplace), which I’m choosing to ignore for the purposes of not dissolving in my own sweat.

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Movember: Day 25

Day 25

It’s getting close to the end of the month, which means I’m going to push the donation thing again.

The beneficiaries of Movember are beyondblue, which deals with depression and related stuff; and the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia, which… well take a wild guess.

Go! Now! Donate through my profile page, or better yet, skip it and go straight to the donation form, because the profile page is boring as all hell.

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Movember: Day 24

Day 24


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Movember: Day 23

Day 23

After repeatedly hitting 40°C over the last week or so, today we have rain and temperatures around the 20 mark.

I maintain that Australia doesn’t have spring and autumn anymore. Summer and winter just dither into each other.


Movember: Day 22

Day 22

Given all the talk of doing something goatee-like after Movember, I went on the market for a new razor. (I’ve pretty much always used disposables.)


I was vaguely aware of the proliferation of razors boasting prowess in different realms you didn’t even know were relevant to shaving, but the extent of it hadn’t really struck home to me until I actually had to choose one. I ended up going with the Schick Quattro Titanium; partly because it has an “edging blade” which could be handy if we go the goatee route (and why have n blades when you can have n+1), but mostly, if I’m honest, because it was shiny. Also it looked less plastic-bulk-y than the others.

The first time I used it was borderline terrifying. This isn’t your “safety” razor. This is your “any part of your face that isn’t perfectly convex better have a bloody good reason” razor. I ended up looking like I’d been beaten by someone intent on getting an even coat of bruising around my neck… although I didn’t actually cut myself more than average. Whether all of this leads to a better shave is something I’ll have to determine once the novelty of the shiny not-quite-so-much-plastic-ness wears off.


Movember: Day 21

Day 21

Who’s reading this?

Who are you people who come here every day to look at the changes in my facial hair?

[checks site stats]

[looks up own IP address]

Ah. Never mind.


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